Thursday, June 07, 2012

A Path Unfolding

My online businesses have been utterly devastated by Google and life has been turned upside down. Funny though, I feel numb to it all and don't care anymore. Right now I have zero interest and am taking a much needed break from building a website with an obsolete business model.

During this time off from work, I've been indulging in some activities that I enjoy. I've attended some meditation evenings and went on a date with my husband during the day to see Snow White and the Huntsman while Aidan's in school. 

Yesterday I drove to the Insight Meditation Center in Redwood City for a half-day mini-retreat. From 9:30 AM to 12:15 we had both walking and sitting meditation and a short dharma talk by Gil Fronsdahl, whom I've wanted to meet for awhile now as I've been listening to his podcasts for going on 6 months now!

It was a fabulous day. I've discovered just how much I enjoy walking meditation. It holds my attention quite well and moving my body and noticing the world around me with my eyes open is appealing. I can still become rather concentrated. I will explore this further, that's for sure.

What else do I plan to do during my time away from my websites? Well, Aidan starts Thai school on the 15th and I plan to take him to the temple and just hang out all day. I may take a hike in nearby Tilden Park, walk around the neighborhood, and help out at the temple. I'd like to contribute with work, like cleaning up after lunch. The wat also has a nice garden and I would like to do more walking meditation in that garden.

During these meditations, my path has become clear. I don't have to abandon online business, but I may have to give up my stroller website. It is not viable at this point, especially if Google keeps penalizing it. Successful online entrepreneurs always talk about offering a product and selling it yourself. Product, product, product.

I like to write and I like to draw. Golf, a friend of ours and I are developing a new venture together that will produce products and these products involve aspects of creativity that I'm good at and enjoy. So I shall put all my energy into this new venture. I'm not going to say too much right now, but you can be sure that I will write about it as it develops.

Oh, and this kind of work is possible to do from Thailand as well, so if things go well next year, at the very least we can visit for a month before deciding to move back.

The path is becoming clear and it's an exciting time!