Sunday, November 27, 2011

Eliminating Coffee

About a month ago, Golf and I watched a movie on Netflix streaming called Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. The director and creator, Joe Cross, is a lively and likeable Australian who came to the USA for 60 days to do a juice fast and lose some weight. He had a chronic skin condition, not to mention heart and cholesterol problems.

During this time he also talked to Americans about food and what they actually eat. That most of their diets are made up of highly processed grains, too much dairy and meat. Vegetables and fruits, which should make up like 65% of your diet, ranked at only 5%.

Joe Cross also met a trucker during his travels and later helped him lose a tremendous amount of weight and changed his life.

I don't need to lose 100 pounds, though! Only 15 - 20 pounds. I would also like to do a juice fast to jump start my progress, likely a 7 to 10 day cleanse like a lady he interviewed during the movie. She wasn't overweight, but she suffered from migraine headaches and she was doing the fast to help her with that and her overall health.

I love coffee!
But I have an obstacle I need to overcome before I start this purifying cleanse. I'm addicted to caffeine! I've been a loyal and enthusiastic coffee drinker for nearly half my life. I love the taste and the mental boost that caffeine gives me. I drink not only coffee but iced tea (both green and black) and Diet Coke. Love it ALL!

So beginning today I've decided to wean myself down and by January, I'll be caffeine free and ready to do a juice cleanse. I'll also be ready to buy a nice juicer! I'm already on Craigslist looking to buy one for a cheaper price than online.

How am I weaning? Beginning today, I am limiting myself to only one cup of coffee in the morning. Normally I have two. Instead of cup #2 of coffee, I am taking a cup of black tea, English style (a little milk and sweetener). Mid morning I'll have another tea and then no more hot caffeinated beverages. In a few more days I will have only tea. Then from there I will slowly wean myself down from all caffeine. No more Diet Coke. I normally have a glass-and-a-half per day, so it's not out of control, but I would like to give my body a break.

And that's what this cleanse is for - not only for getting rid of some extra weight, but to show myself that I can do this, that it is possible. I'm curious to see how I will feel as well.

January is also a good time to do my juice fast because that marks my one year anniversary of regular green smoothie diet! Yep. I've been consistently having green smoothies nearly every day and while I feel better and have more energy, I do need a big boost with the juice.

I'll report my progress here.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Holding Off Another Year?

Ugh. I hate to say this, but Golf and I have decided to hold off going back to Thailand to live for one more year, or at least for the time being... Why in the world would we do this?

The flooding has not only damaged physical infrastructure, but also the economy. Additionally, the situation has brought out ugly political fighting, worsened with the possible pardon of Thaksin. This will likely cause worse turmoil within the country, so we just want to stand back right now.

There is another reason we want to hold off. My business. I do stroller reviews as well as other baby gear and I've taken it up a notch by purchasing my own products to use and review and make videos. I don't have to tell you how much more meaningful that is, right?

Let me tell you, it is far easier, and less expensive, to do product reviews right here in the United States than in Thailand. This change is critical for my business' success and giving it a year to grow and become more financially steady is smart.

After all I have to make a choice. My business or another fancy that is spiritually gratifying? Frankly right now I have to buckle down and work and Golf seemed reluctant all along to go back.

Maybe by summer we can take a month to come over and stay. You know, an in-between compromise. I miss Bangkok, afterall, and the entire expat lifestyle. But change happens and I'll never live the same lifestyle I did pre-kid. Having a child changes EVERYTHING and if I think I'll be living there as I did before, I am quite mistaken.

So there you have it - new goals, new timeline. Let's wait and see what happens.

PS: Speaking of my business, I need to do a quick plug here: I've written my latest article on Shopaholic Mommy about what lies ahead for Baby Trend strollers. If you're a newer mama and need this information, you should check it out. :)

Friday, November 11, 2011


For the first time in 100 years it is, again, 11/11/11. I had heard, probably on Coast to Coast AM, that on this day what I want is tripled. I should light a white candle and meditate on the things that I want, and so early this morning I lit my brand new vanilla-scented votive and thought about and wished for what I wanted.

Unfortunately, during this time, my mind wandered toward a woman with whom I worked during the ESL testing I was doing a month and a half ago who was having some serious personal issues. Why my mind went there, I don't know. So instead of focusing on her sour frowning face, I turned it around and wished for her to be well and happy again.

One area of my life needs improvement. Lots of us are in that same situation though, so it's not like my family is in the minority on that one. It's for better a better financial outlook. In my case, if some obstacles are cleared, then that will open up the path for better income, but it is out of my control. So I keep on doing what I can and doing my best.

But all other aspects in my life that are going well;  I acknowledge that and am extremely grateful.

So have a happy and contemplative 11/11/11 everyone. It is an auspicious day indeed!

What are you wishing for today? Comment below!