Monday, June 04, 2007

Job plans and a long term goal

I got my resume all spiffied up and looking great. My plan is to start sending it to companies by this Wednesday. I went to a presentation for one company referred to me last Friday but it ended up sounding more like a MLM company, although the premise of it is something I am quite enthusiastic about: Building your wealth so that you're financially free and stable by retirement age and NOT dependent upon the government. Social Security is simply going to bankrupt long before Generation Xers and later retire, so plan on having nothing from the government and do what you will today to prepare.

Anyway, I was disappointed that this company seemed more like Amway in the end, but the good news is that jobs in the real estate industry are in high demand, probably because of high competition. So I'm looking right now and the plan is to find a job, THEN a place to live so I don't have to commute. Since living in Bangkok where my school was always a short walk away, I got spoiled with having no commute. Even where I live now the school where I substitute teach most often is a short 10 minute drive away on surface streets. Never again -- esp. with the price of gas. I want to find a place to live that is close by my office and I also plan to sign up with that school disctrict to be a PT sub teacher until my earnings as a loan officer pick up.
Short term goal: to be moved back to Sacramento by July and start working at my new job.

Long term goal discussed with Golf: I hope to be able to visit Thailand within a year and a half. Aidan will be about 3 1/2 and hopefully more manageable. He's sure got the TERRIBLE two's and I can't imagine having to deal with him on a 19 hour flight to BKK. Ugh.

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amygeekgrl said...

too bad you aren't out this way - you could be our realtor. :) i may need to pick your brain when it comes time for us to get serious about looking for a new house. we're still trying to focus on getting ours market-ready. eeep. soo much to do!

very cool that you are going to try a trip back to thailand. :) oh, and just for the record, all of my friends w/ 3 yr olds say 3 is worse than 2. i've been in denial about that myself. ;)