Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Going to Vegas

I'm leaving tomorrow morning for the first national conference my company is hosting and I'll be away until early Sunday morning. I'll be staying at the Stratosphere and I'm looking forward to a roller coaster ride at the top! This is the first time I've been traveling on my own since meeting Golf over three years ago. And I've only been to Vegas one time back in 1992 for a family reunion, so I'm quite excited to see all the new attractions and casinos that have been built. I know it's a cheesy sleazy place, but it does look like fun to do a 3 day venture (one of which is a full day training period anyway).

This trip I have packed a big suitcase - mostly because that's all we have - either big or too small. I have to bring several changes of business attire, unlike my adventure travel days where you bring only bare essentials and launder your clothes as needed. No, I have to bring my curling brush, hairspray, several pairs of shoes, jewelry and a few business suits in addition to my off-time jeans and comfy clothes.

The only person not looking forward to my trip so much is Golf. This is his first long-time stretch alone with Aidan, but fortunately Aidan is getting easier to handle alone because he can entertain himself better than when he was super small. He also seems to be better behaved when he's with one parent. When both of us are around he gets quite contrary!

Bon Voyage! I shall tell you all about it when I get back.


Anonymous said...
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Carol and Chris said...

Good luck with your trip hon - it sounds fab!!