Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Expat Woman's Guide to Living in Bangkok

The Expat Woman's Guide to Living in Bangkok

My website and eBook are up and ready to go, at long last! I think the website looks pretty good. It's the first time I've ever used Wordpress and it's taken a bit of getting used to, with lots of trial and error. I've still got some issues I'd like to improve upon, and I think it shall look better over time as I learn how to use Wordpress.

I've already posted a couple of blog entries and even if you're not in the market to purchase my book, I'd love all my readers to take a quick look at the sample PDF files I have of chapter excerpts. Look under the Book Preview link. I'm rather proud of my results. I've worked hard and it's taken a long time because I can work pretty much only when Aidan is sleeping or napping during the day. This explains why I haven't posted on this blog in a very long time, but I hope to change that soon.


Mel said...

Congratulations Aima!!! Kudos for finishing, I know how much discipline that must have taken. I'll give you some feedback once I've taken a peek. Good job! =)

Carol and Chris said...

Congratulations from me too....not an easy task!!!

Now my commission is finished I'm hoping that I'll be able to have a proper look at your book. Feedback will be coming soon :-)

C x

Nicola said...

I am so proud of you! This is so impressive!!