Wednesday, May 06, 2009


I've been reading, reading and absorbing, absorbing strategies, ideas and stories about micro-businesses, online businesses, independent location businesses and art businesses. I want that so badly! I need to find my niche.

You know what I would LOVE to do? Go back to Thailand for a few more years. Let Aidan experience his Thai culture more fully.

And I would work on my own terms. MAYBE teaching art workshops and classes if needed. Otherwise fully promoting my Expat woman's guide and website by traveling around the country and in Bangkok reviewing services and such (I have another idea about that, too), making my art, and showing it in local galleries. That's my dream and fully doable within the next couple of years.

All this would depend on Golf's business, too. His work is more prominent in the United States and I feel my work would be more prominent in Thailand. Funny how that works out!

So in the meantime, I'm painting and building up a body of work as well as trying to get the whole business end of things figured out.

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Jungle Girl said...

Hi Amy, so interesting that you're both also artists - my partner Kung paints too, and his work is definitely easier to promote in the Uk. I really hope you come back to Thailand to pursue all your great ideas, that is the best thing about living here you really have true freedom to put an idea into action! I've got about five cooking at the min, but god knows when I'll get the time....