Thursday, December 30, 2010

Health and why 2011=Green Smoothies

I think I've always been rather proactive with my health: I've exercised regularly for over half my life and I eat a balanced diet.

Now that I'm entering the middle years of my life, I'm discovering that I have to take an even more proactive part of my health because it's beginning to take more effort to maintain the state of normalcy. In other words, being healthy and energetic has been my default mode. Now that I'm getting a little older, it takes a bit more work to maintain my default mode.

About a year and a half ago I began taking probiotic supplements. It made me feel good, and at the same time I eliminated sugar and wheat from my diet. I quickly lost about 7 pounds, but I have gone back to my old diet, which is largely rice based, thanks to my Thai husband and his wonderful food.

During a period of a few months earlier this year, I stopped my probiotics as well. I had simply run out of my supply and did not buy more, but was planning to. Then my body went crazy with candida yeast and I immediately went back on my probiotics and this month, the first month in five, I am back to normal.

The day before yesterday my dear friend Caroline gave me a magazine with an article on green smoothies and how the leafy greens take out excess candida in the body. Music to my ears! So I went out and bought all the ingredients for a green smoothie, PLUS a blender since my food processor isn't going to cut it this time. The blender recommended by smoothie connoisseurs costs over $300, but that's not in my budget at the moment.

During my green smoothie research, I came across Green Smoothie Girl as well as Green Smoothies Blog, both of which offer really good information on these healthful drinks.

So this is my new year's resolution: 2011 is going to be all about the green smoothie. I'll be making variations of it with more fruit to give to Aidan and Golf is going to get some, too, whether he likes it or not.

The recipe I made yesterday from the magazine has 2 cupfuls of spinach (handful), 2 cupfuls of cucumbers, ginger root, lemon and lime juices, 2 apples and 1 bunch of parsley. It was OK. I don't have to hold my nose or anything, but I am looking forward to trying different recipes. My cheapie blender does pretty good, but doesn't blend it quite as smooth as I like. But it will do until I can justify $300 for a good one!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas 2010

The Praphantanathorn family left for my parents' house in Oroville on the 22nd and we stayed through til Monday the 27th. We knew lots of people would be on the road on Sunday the 26th, so we hunkered down one more day.

Festivities this year were lots of fun. Aidan got to make gingerbread cookies and sugar cookies, which we decorated afterward.

My sister, Anna, his aunt, came on Christmas Eve and she brought her dog Jasper. He's such a fun dog and Aidan loved him. We all got to play with Jasper and since we can't have pets where we live, it was really nice to get a good dose of dog while we were out there in the country.

Once my sister arrived, though, I fell ill. I was so out of it, I kept on calling Anna my middle sister's name, Alise. It was maddening and I think Anna was getting a bit miffed. I don't blame her, and fortunately, the next day I was starting to feel better and my mistakes vanished.

Then Golf got my sickness. He was a day behind me! That night Aidan had a minor fever too, so we all got to be sickos.

All of us just relaxed and watched a lot of television, which I never do here. Honestly. I never watch TV! I never even opened my laptop when I was there. I checked email and some of my affiliate and advertising earnings, but that was it. I was in full recuperation mode and now that I'm back I feel so refreshed.

Aidan made out with loads of gifts this year. For Christmas 2010 Aidan got:
  1. Iron Man mask - the fancy kind that opens from the front and has lights in the eyes and sounds from the movie from Golf and me
  2. Iron Man action figure in a car from his friend Joshua
  3. Toy Story glow board drawing toy from his Aunt Anna
  4. Blast Off Buzz Lightyear action figure from his Aunt Anna (must do a review on this one!)
  5. Green recorder from his Grandmother
  6. Spider rain boots from his Grandmother
  7. 3 new pairs of pants, one shirt and one pair of shoes from both Grandparents
  8. Construction LEGO vehicles from some very kind neighbors Rosanna and Laura

This boy did very well and so a big Thank You to friends and family!

Now we shall see if Aidan can stay up til midnight this Friday for New Year's Eve. Ha! :)

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Duran Duran New Single

I just about worshipped these guys when I was in junior high and high school. Ever since Duran Duran broke up after 7 and the Ragged Tiger, they have, of course, never been the same.

As the years passed, Duran Duran got back together - 3 of them anyway - and they'd come out with a chart topper, and it was a catchy tune, but the entire album was a bit weak. I'd always end up disappointed overall.

A few years ago, all five members got back together, but Andy, the guitarist, didn't stick around, but Roger is back with Simon, Nick and John and four is always better than three.

Recently, Duran Duran have put out a new single called "All You Need is Now" and I really like it! Aside from the rather annoying sounding beginning, it has a wonderful sound and the chorous is very enjoyable. Since Duran Duran and their original fans (like me) from the 1980s are now into middle age, we reminisce about our youth, and that's what this song is about and it's relatable.

The guys, of course, are still rockin' their good looks. Simon's beard actually is nice. Would have been TOTALLY icky in his young, new romantic years. Here's their new video, All You Need is Now...

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Lightning McQueen Bike Review

My son had been bugging me to get him a Lightning McQueen bike for his birthday last May and so his grandparents bought it for him. This bike wasn't used excessively, maybe - MAYBE once a week. He sometimes threw it to the ground, as children become focused on something else they literally drop what they're doing to go look.

So if you're considering getting a Lightning McQueen bike for your child, please see my complete Lightning McQueen Bike review and if you change your mind about the bike, there are lots of Disney Cars movie toys to get as gifts instead.