Friday, May 12, 2006

Somebody's WALKING!!!

Oh boy, it's been awhile for blogging, but what better reason for a comeback than a little video clip of Aidan's FIRST DAY walking! He had done it one time just before Golf grabbed the camera, and he did it for us again and again.

Here's the link to download the movie. It's a big file, so be patient.

Please right click on the link and and "Save Target As" so that you download it first, otherwise it's too choppy to see.

We're a couple of proud parents today! :)


Mel said...

YAAAAAAYYYYYY!!!!! :D That's so awesome, and he looks so happy about it too! Oh that's just the most precious thing, thanks for sharing that Aim. :)

Jyotsna said...


What a wonderful Mother's Day present to you!

Ravi and Priya were already walking when they came to me, so when Lakshmi walked into my arms, I was thrilled! I was definately a once in a life time experience!

He looks so happy and cute. You are such a great mama! Happy Mothers Day to you Amy!