Saturday, May 13, 2006

Weight Loss Update

I'm happy to report that as of today I have lost 11 pounds!!!! Woo hoo! It's most noticable in my face and my boobs are quite a bit smaller. The most dramatic difference is in my face and my boobs are much smaller. I've heard you gain weight from the bottom up and lose it from the top down. So my ass n thighs will stay fattest for the longest time. It's nature's cruel joke. But hey, at this rate, I should be to my goal weight within another two months.

The best part about this weight loss is that I'm not eating anything special, just making my portions much smaller. Like last night's dinner was Masaman curry, made by my talented husband. Thick and rich with coconut milk and spices, it was made with chicken and there was a bit of oil floating on the top. No doubt extremely fattening. But I limited my portion size and also had just one serving of rice, about 1/2 cup. I've also requested that when he cooks in the wok to reduce the amount of oil, which has made no difference in the food's taste or look, so it's not been missed and saves us on our calories and fat.

Yesterday I was also craving sweets big time. I even wrote ice cream on my grocery list, but I did not succomb and I felt great about it afterward. I did have a cup of hot cocoa last night, and that's what I consume when I'm craving chocolate but don't want to give in to a dessert. I simply keep sweet treats out of the house for it is within my power not to buy the stuff. If Golf craves chocolate, I might send him to the convenience store down the street to buy a single serve treat whether it's a chocolate bar or an ice cream bar, so that it's entirely gone when he's done eating.

I'm finally feeling some empowerment about getting my old self back. I miss me and can't wait to meet myself again. Woo hoo!

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alise said...

First off, that baby walking is insanely cute. He needs to start power walking with you. Second, I found a way around the craving for Ben and Jerry's New York Super Fudge Chunck: Light chocolate soy milk. I bought the soy milk for my hubby to ingest the necessary particles for recovery from his broken leg and subsequent surgery. Yes, he could receive the same benefit from other substances however he will not eat/drink these as they do not taste good to him. The chocolate soy milk is marvelous. I get light because I too enjoy it and do not want to become fat again.