Thursday, September 28, 2006

My weekly update

I've been so busy every day that it seems I've only got time to update the blog once a week now!
Mom's been here since Saturday night to spend time with Aidan and for a change of scenery for herself. It's been SO nice having her here and part of that is because Aidan can spend some quality time with his Grandma and the added perk is Golf and I can get a lot done.

So that's just what I have been doing: Working hard this week. In addition to doing our e-commerce work, I got to clean out Adian's room and rearrange the furniture, which is something I wanted to get done for weeks now. We gave away a huge garbage bag of his baby clothes, but kept quite a few pieces from his infancy as momentos.

Aidan updates: Our baby wants to eat by himself now! He had been refusing food for a few days and Mom said to let him try eating by himself. We gave him a spoon and helped him out and he was happy as a clam! Our baby's growing up! Mom also takes him for walks where he walks down the sidewalk with us, holding our hands, just like a big kid. She took a picture of my dad holding his hand walking ahead of her and it's the most precious thing. That photo is on Golf's computer, so later today I'll get on his and upload it here, it's darling.

Work update: The school district called AND I got an application in the mail to be a sub. There is a meeting tomorrow about it for all applicants, so that will be interesting, so all hope is not lost. It will be good part time income and it won't be dreadfully boring.

Later this morning I'm taking part in a market study for bloggers. I'm getting paid for two hours of my time by a research group -- a woman I'm friends with got me involved. Hey, for about 3 hours of time total (incl. driving time) what I'm being paid is really a good deal.

I plan to buy a bicycle seat today with the money. The FREE bike my sister gave me was STOLEN and the other one we got for free has an easily removeable seat, which got stolen, so now I have no bike to ride. So this means I have to remove the bike seat every time I lock it up. It SUCKS!!! What's wrong with people?!?!!?

Anyway, that's my update for now. I hope to get that precious picture up later today.


Darshani said...

Amy, so sorry about your bike! :( I did some reading after hearing about your bike seat (because I just bought a new, nice bike seat) and I found this:

I bought a thicker cable lock to run through the bottom of the bike seat and through the baby seat. The U-lock is for the frame. I plan to put some pipe clamps on the seat and front wheel soon.

Aiden is soooo handsome! I can see a lot of you in him.

Amy said...

Thanks for that link, Darshani! That's very helpful. It may cost me about $50 to get my seat replaced. Unbelieveable!!! I'm holding out to see if I can find a cheaper option.