Sunday, September 10, 2006

A very busy week

The whole week last week has been a whirlwind of hard work. Last Tuesday I went to a 
warehouse outlet that sells clothing and such from good department stores. I spent a LOT of money, and 
since I want to get it back by selling it on eBay and hopefully getting a profit, I spent the rest of the week creating the ads, taking photos,  editing the photos, researching the market data to make the best ads I could, then scheduling them for release. I wake up every morning at 5:30 to get some work time in at the computer before Aidan wakes up. Sunday is flea market day and we found some more treasures to sell.

The problem with buying used goods is that there is a chance it is not selling well. Most of the stuff Golf has bought at yard sales is sitting around our apartment because it's not 
selling well at the time, so we keep it til later. I'm purchasing the kind of stuff that has high turnaround. I don't want to keep stuff around in our apartment. I want it out! So we'll see how my stuff goes this coming week.

On a different topic. Bugs. Cockroaches to be exact. We didn't have this problem this time last year. They're in our kitchen and while they are mostly tiny, there are some that are larger, although not the giant size you get in Thailand.  Several weeks ago we had an exterminator come out and spray and put in roach traps 
in our cupboards. The bastards are still here. I keep a clean kitchen. I cook every day so
there's a lot of food around, could that be why? No other neighbor has a cockroach problem. I
keep the floor clean the counter and stovetop clean -- everything. The only food I leave out on
the counter is bananas or other fruit. It's driving me crazy and makes me feel like I'm a filthy
person, especially since we're the only apartment with this problem! Is it because we cook every day? I just don't understand and it's driving me crazy. 


Mel said...

Heh, one of my co-workers just mentioned last week that he has gotten cockroaches. Is there a season to them? And I find it hard to believe that your apartment is the only one in a complex with them. I believe they don't work that way. I hope you hired an exterminator that has a guarantee on ridding your home of them. I know they can be expensive so just holler if you need help. You are not dirty! But I know how you must feel, as I feel that way even when we have only ants occasionally in our house. Kinda funny when you think about it... :P

amygeekgrl said...

good luck w/ all the items for sale. sounds like you got some good finds.

ugh re: the cockroaches. i don't have any ideas, but i hope you can get rid of them soon. we have lots of spiders lately, but i can deal w/ those a lot easier than i could cockroaches.