Sunday, September 23, 2007

In preparation for my first sale

It's been busy for me around here the last week. Next week will be busy too. The middle school I substitute teach at practically has teachers lined up wanting me to sub for them. I will teach every day next week except for Wednesday, which is going to be for my first sales practice with a friend of ours (gotta start with who you know!) but the two of the days I have to go in are only mornings.

In the meantime, I've been studying my training videos diligently and taking copious notes! I'm so determined to do well in this endeavour! My opportunity to help others save money at the same time as make some lucrative income for my family has shown itsself and now its up to me to take action and follow through. Of course I'm very nervous about it, but like starting any new job, there's a learning curve in the beginning as you test the waters. And most the time, speaking from experience, you get used to it within the first week.

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