Wednesday, December 12, 2007

An over the top birthday gift

So I turn 38 today. At what age can you no longer say 'I'm in my mid-thirties'? At least I can still say that I'm thirty-something! I find I no longer stress about my age the way I used to before I was married with a baby. Just having those two events taken care of has put my heart to rest, FOR ME it was something very important to fulfill in my life.

But I tend to always find something to stress about, and now it's saving for our future. My upcoming years remind me that I need to work hard when I'm younger so that 20 or 25 years down the road I won't need to work. It's very difficult to do when you've got a child not yet in school and we have to figure out childcare options. We're getting it sorted out, though.

And speaking of working, my dear husband bought me the most over the top birthday gift: A new laptop computer!!! I've had my other laptop since January 2001, just before my return to Thailand. I didn't want to trudge over to internet cafes every time I wanted to log on. Needless to say my old laptop was overloaded, slow and tired. Golf recently bought a new desktop computer (to replace one that was about 10 years old!) and he will be using that one for his translating and I had questioned to myself how we would share it because I didn't use my old laptop very often. Well, he solved that problem last night! I'm so pleased, thank you very much, honey!

Gotta go get Aidan up now and later this morning make my birthday brownies - Swiss Truffle style, whatever that means, but it sure sounds delicious!


Carol and Chris said...

Happy Birthday Honey!! You must be chuffed to bits with your laptop - what a fab gift!!

Oh, and when your feeling old just remember......

Age is something that doesn't matter.....unless you are a cheese!!

C x

Crunchy Domestic Goddess said...

happy belated birthday! what a wonderful gift and those brownies sound dee-lish. mmmm. hope you had a great day. :)

Nicola said...

Happy belated birthday! We'll have to get together to celebrate...

Sorry I haven't returned your call. We had family in town and are now preparing for more to arrive next week.