Friday, January 04, 2008

It's dumping rain

We're in the middle of a pretty significant storm here, and man am I glad I don't have to go out in it today! Actually if it weren't for the very strong winds, the downpouring rain isn't much more than the rainy days I used to experience in Bangkok.

Back then on those days I was ever so grateful that I did't have to commute in a car or standing for hours in a crowded bus because I worked right across the street from the school. I'd heard horror stories of people getting caught up in traffic jams from flooded streets and downpours that lasted for hours and hours and hours. Can you imagine leaving your office at 6 and not getting home til 10?!?!?!? I've heard that Thais carry little pee cups to deal with the many hours they are stuck in their cars... well, I can see it being used easily for men, but for the ladies, I can't see it happening.

My best friend Mellie commutes with her husband one hour each way to their jobs (they work for the same company) and this morning would have been an absolute misery to have to endure. The beauty of both Golf and I being self employed is that we have the choice of whether or not we venture out in this mess. Needless to say we're staying in! I even discovered, to my delight, that I have all the ingredients to make Chicken Cacciatore for dinner tonight!

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