Sunday, January 20, 2008

More than a Week Later...

The Leadership Training for Toastmasters went really well last weekend. It got me all fired up to get more members in our club and inject some new energy. I proceeded to update our info at the local paper and post our meetings on this online event announcements page. I even got a call a day later from a prospective guest!

Well last Thursday came and went and the guest never showed. Only SIX members showed up too. - plus a previous guest that came again making us a grand total of SEVEN. After being in a sort of convention with hundreds of Toastmasters from different clubs from all over the region and seeing such enthusiasm, it was a bit of a bummer seeing only SEVEN people. The good news is that despite the low turnout, our guest decided to join us.

I have a possibility of having my first sale tomorrow. I'm really excited about it.

In the meantime, I've been attending my leads group and I went to my first ever Chamber of Commerce Mixer. It was FANTASTIC!!!! There were at least 100 people there, all happy to talk to one another and I met so many wonderful business people, some of whom would make great referral partners. I've already got meetings set up with some of them next week. I love meeting new people, especially positive, forward thinking people with enthusiasm and optimism. A free Mai Tai and glass of wine helped the words flow flawlessly. ;)

I only wish I had done this while living in Bangkok. Sort of a tangent, but I look at what Andrew Biggs has done with his career. He's an Australian living in Thailand for many years and speaks Thai fluently. His background is in journalism, but he also taught English, if I'm not mistaken. He now hosts a show on a Thai TV station, has authored numerous books on speaking English, and now owns and operates an academy. What an ambitious man. Most the westerners I encountered did little more than complain a lot on the job (myself included). This guy kicked it up a notch or several, and got WAY ahead. How satisfying that must be....

On the subject of Thailand, next week I'm also editing the text for the next Speak Like a Thai series. Last time Golf and I partnered up with Benjawan (the author) and her American husband to do the accompanying CD to the booklet. American male and female, Thai male and female speakers, respectively. I love that sort of work, so FUN!

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