Monday, June 02, 2008

The first day with my vest

My weighted vest arrived today! Acutally UPS tried delivering it last Thursday AND Friday, but we were out both of those mornings, but I'm glad I finally have it.

The fit is pretty good, it's a one size fits most. It's also black, as opposed to the blue picture I posted below and it makes me look like a member of the SWAT team. I was getting a couple of looks from people when I was out today LOL!

I was a bit disappointed when I weighed a couple of the weights. There are 20 of them and each are supposed to weigh a pound. There are 20 little pockets all over the vest to hold these weights, therefore the 20 pounds you haul around for your workout. Well, each little weight weighs only 14.2 ounces instead of 16. Mulitply that by 20 and you get 284 ounces or 17.75 pounds - 2 1/4 pound short of 20! I was unhappy about that.

So today I was going to start out with 10 weights, but since they don't each weigh a full pound, I put 12 of them in there, for a total of 10.65 pounds. The weight of the vest is just over a pound, so we'll round it up to 11 3/4 pounds. I power walked my usual route of about three miles and it felt great! I'm glad I started out with that amount of weight and not more.

When I trekked in Nepal, my hips gave me trouble, especially the right one. That happened again today, very mildly. I'll keep it up to get my body used to the added resistence and see how my hips do. I did get some good cardio breathing and felt like for the first time in a long time, my walk was a real workout.

In all I LOVE my vest, just wish it was the full 20 pounds!


Brunty said...

Hi Amy. It looks like you are a determined lady. I don't like lumping around any extra weight than I have to.

A belated happy 4th anniversary to you and also a belated birthday wish to your boy. He looked happy enough with his $1 flute.

Amy said...

Thanks Brunty! I'm glad you came to my blog - I've subscribed to yours and love reading all your entries.