Friday, August 08, 2008

When in ROME!

My sister Anna told me about this HBO series, ROME and she said it was excellent. Then Mom said the same thing, aside from all the dirty naughty sex scenes. :) But they were right. Golf and I have rented the first season on Netflix and I'm completely hooked! It's very well done and apparently it is historically accurate as well. The costumes, music, acting, everything about it is big budget. I'm very happy to see Indira Varma in there as well, as Niobe. She played in Kama Sutra, another one of my favorite movies.

So if you get a chance to see this series, do it! And to my friends in Thailand, if you see this DVD series for sale, snap it up, it's got an international cast and you will be riveted to your sofas!

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Carol and Chris said...

Ooohhh....I'll have to check that out!!! Thanks for the tip :-)

C x