Tuesday, August 26, 2008

My New Bonsai

I live in apartment. No balcony, no back yard, no front yard, no nothing for nurturing nature. I love plants and gardening and when I go to Mom and Dad's out in the country, I do a lot of gardening.

Golf gave me a good idea the other day and encouraged me to get a bonsai tree to raise. So that's what I did! Last Sunday was the Oakland Chinatown Street Festival, and Chinatown is where Aidan and I walk every Sunday while Golf goes to the nearby flea market. Anyway, I found a good deal on a pretty little bonsai tree. It's a juniper with the lovely little ceramic figure underneath. It was also pretty cheap, only $17. I wanted to start out with an inexpensive plant so that if I mess up and kill it, it won't be a huge loss. So here's my pretty little bonsai, my indoor garden.

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Indian Summer said...

Very cute! I like it!