Monday, September 01, 2008

Taking a Leap

The current book I'm reading, The Wishing Year, by Noelle Oxenhandler, has got me thinking about art. I've always wanted to get into art, and I have a collection of beautiful papers sitting in a bag in my bedroom, waiting to be used one day in a beautiful collage/painting.

I've always had an excuse not to pursue it: no time, no money, so space, other responsibilities. But I'm getting to a point in my life now that if I could devote a few hours a week to my art, a whole new world could open up to me - it is my passion, it's just been buried for many years. I even majored in graphic design so that I could produce art and be paid for it. I only discovered later that it was a completely fulfilling pursuit.

Today I found a Craigslist ad that could break me of my excuses (except that I must shop for art supplies!)

UPDATE: I just now responded to the ad. What's the harm in finding out more. It's better than letting this opportunity disappear forever. I'll let you know what happens!

What do you think?


Kianma Art Gallery said...

hi there,
I felt like you 2 years ago wanted to get into art,and then suddenly one day I said right and took myself off to the art supply shop.
I have painting and selling online now since then and very happy about it,sold my art to people over australia,usa,netherlands and just recently italy.It's such a buzz and beging creative is very good for the soul. So go for it what have you got to loose.
cheers kim

Mel said...

Yes Aima, do art! For the world's sake. Not only is it healthy, fun, and beautiful, but you are also good at it. :D