Friday, July 15, 2011

Getting Involved at Thai School

Last week we had a parent meeting for the Aidan's Thai school at the Berkeley Wat and we hashed out a schedule for several parents to come supervise during the lunch hour. So now every Thursday I have lunch duty, but since my required time to be there is in the middle of the day, I've chosen to make an entire day of it from the time I take Aidan to school to when I bring him home.

While my work time is cut down to only 3 days a week, I get an opportunity to benefit from several different experiences. First, I get to know the other parents and teachers better by chatting with them more often. This creates a tighter community. Secondly, I get to immerse myself in Thai language and improve my skills.

I am very happy to say that when I was helping out in Aidan's classroom yesterday, I could understand everything the teacher was telling the kids! The years of listening to Golf and Aidan communicate has paid off and I was pleased at how much I could understand. Now if all Thais spoke to me like a 6-year-old kid, I'd be just fine! LOL!

It was a great day and I enjoyed the change. I am grateful that I am my own boss and have the luxury of being able to carve out my schedule any way I like or need. My work time may have been reduced, but it is to be expected during summer months. I have a clear vision of what I want my mini empire to look like and it may just take a tiny bit longer to get there. No worries. What I get to contribute to the wat and Thai community is extremely important and benefits others as well as myself.

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Mar said...

That's SO COOL that you understood the teacher all day! You are amazing and I'm sure Aidan loves having you there!!!