Friday, November 11, 2011


For the first time in 100 years it is, again, 11/11/11. I had heard, probably on Coast to Coast AM, that on this day what I want is tripled. I should light a white candle and meditate on the things that I want, and so early this morning I lit my brand new vanilla-scented votive and thought about and wished for what I wanted.

Unfortunately, during this time, my mind wandered toward a woman with whom I worked during the ESL testing I was doing a month and a half ago who was having some serious personal issues. Why my mind went there, I don't know. So instead of focusing on her sour frowning face, I turned it around and wished for her to be well and happy again.

One area of my life needs improvement. Lots of us are in that same situation though, so it's not like my family is in the minority on that one. It's for better a better financial outlook. In my case, if some obstacles are cleared, then that will open up the path for better income, but it is out of my control. So I keep on doing what I can and doing my best.

But all other aspects in my life that are going well;  I acknowledge that and am extremely grateful.

So have a happy and contemplative 11/11/11 everyone. It is an auspicious day indeed!

What are you wishing for today? Comment below!

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bill starkey said...

have to upgrade my wishing