Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Strollers Galore!

Lots has been happening in my business lately. First it's finally been growing out of the slump it's been in since October, though I'm not at the visitor numbers I was at last April - jeez almost a year ago!

But I am coming back slowly but surely and that's all I can ask. It's made me work hard, and that is a good thing! As a matter a fact, I'm now producing my own stroller review videos that I imbed in my webpage reviews. You can see (and subscribe) to my YouTube channel here: BabyGearEnvy on YouTube.

Then earlier in the month I had contacted Joovy about reviewing another of their strollers, and surprisingly it was just delivered to me yesterday. I was surprised at how quick it happened, and quite pleased. Thank you Joovy! I have the new Scooter to review within the next few weeks, so let us keep our fingers crossed that the weather will cooperate for a good video opportunity.

Next, I wrote an article for my friend Tina over at Shopaholic Mommy. She has a fantastic blog that has just been redesigned and it looks incredible. I now write monthly articles for her site and my most recent contribution was just published yesterday on Maclaren Stroller News Updates for 2012. The article talks about the new changes made to one of their models and a new one coming out. You get to see a couple new color schemes as well. If you love Maclaren strollers, you will find this article interesting.

Lastly, I got the opportunity to write for another blog, more of a general lifestyle blog, and this article is about the Top 3 Umbrella Strollers for Every Budget. So no matter if you can spend less than $100 or over $200, you will still get a quality product.

Lots of strollers going on this week! I just love it!

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