Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Our pictures from Loy Krathong on Sunday

Since we didn't know anyone there, we didn't stay long. But it was a very nice ceremony and delicious food. We also enjoyed the music and dancing and hope to stay longer next year to watch, but those of us with young children know that they're not a captive audience for long. So here's our photos taken at the temple! I'm so frustrated that these photos did not upload in the order I put them in. They are all out of order and some didn't even upload!!!!

The monks wait with thei Krathongs. A woman lights the main lotus candles. You cannot see very well but there is a Walking Buddah image in the center of the lotus.

The monks chant a prayer and the laypeople hold their lit krathongs and repeat the verses. After the prayer, the monks are the first to float their Krathongs.

Aidan with his new lion friends!

Front view of the temple with a portrait of the King of Thailand.

I've tried to teach Aidan how to stop and smell the roses!

Below are some photos from Thailand from this year's festival. The biggest differences are that the Krathongs in Thailand are made mostly of organic plant material, some can be huge and elaborate, and the festivities take place at night.

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