Sunday, November 12, 2006

Skinny jeans and reminiscing

After I binged on the Halloween chocolate -- cheap, junky chocolate that was far too sweet but still eaten with gusto -- I swore to myself to lay off the sugar and really see if I could lose the last 10 pounds. So far no sweets and I'm using mostly Splenda in my coffee with just a dab of sugar and I've lost 4 more pounds! Gosh, just another 6 to go. So now that means my regular jeans are too big for me now and I'm back in my skinny jeans and while they are slightly snug, they're still comfortable enough to wear all day long. I'm so happy! I've been going through my closet and weeding through all the skinny clothes I wore before I got married and putting them in my drawers to start wearing again and at the same time, putting my fat clothes and some of my maternity clothes in a bag to go to Goodwill.

YAY! It's so good to be back to my old self, more or less. My pregnancy somehow has made me lose more muscle tone. It's very interesting how being pregnant and nursing changes a woman's body in ways that cannot be seen -- only she knows when she feels her own body. Well, bottom line is that I've lost the weight and I'm proud. I'm going to be 37 in just over a month and I've been at the same weight since I was in high school. And I'm almost the same size as my husband again! I feel awful being the heavier one -- the man's supposed to be bigger than the woman, not the other way around!

Yesterday we went to the Thai grocery market and also stopped for a bit to eat and we saw another Thai man with a farang wife and they had a 7 month old baby daughter. We farang wives with Thai husbands are the rare couples. Anyway her name was Shannon and she taught at Rasami International School in Bangkok and she plans to go get her Master's and then go back to live north in Chiang Mai. Her daughter could attend the international school for free. Good deal!

It got me thinking about our future. Golf and I are in a situation where he has more opportunities here and I have more opportunities in Thailand. Ironic, isn't it? If it were just me and I was not married with a child, I would likely be going back to school, too, to get a Masters in Education and then get in with an international school in Bangkok. I'd get them to hire me from here too, as I hear the compensation packages are extraordinary. You can live extremely well as a teacher at an international school. But for now I will just substitute teach and help Golf with our business. I'll consider my next career step once Aidan begins school.

Right now I'm writing an ebook about Bangkok and it's bringing back lots of memories. It sure took awhile, but I do miss Thailand. There are many things about it that I do not miss, but I miss the aspects of Thailand that keep those who have been there coming back again and again.

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Mel said...

Congratulations on your skinny jeans, and your willpower! I could really use a girlfriend to go clothes shopping with, hint hint... Westfield, mama, that's what I'm talkin' about "hee, hee!". ;D