Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year 2007!!!

Well 2006 was a long year, and a difficult year for Golf and me. Fortunately Aidan had no idea and that's the way it should be. I have every reason to believe that this coming year is going to be much better and that the following years will keep on getting better. The climb out of our proverbial hole has begun!

Now, for New Year's Day I've made a vision board. It's a representation of what I want this year, what I hope to achieve and acquire. Seeing these images every day helps reinforce in your mind and in your thoughts what it is you want to achieve and it helps you manifest those dreams. My vision board is only about the financial aspect of my life because that has had the most dramatic impact on my life since moving back here from Thailand.

When a person is extremely hungry, all they think about is food and how they will get their next meal and when. When one has a major finanical setback, all he or she thinks about is money and finding a way out of poverty. That's what has been dominating my thoughts most of 2006 and it has caused me anxiety, sleepless nights, bouts of crying and lots and lots of worry. It also made me extremely determined to work hard and get out. Golf's been just as determined and he's worked extremely hard and it's paid off. Little by little it's been getting better.

So back to my vision board for this year. I have a picture of it here and after the photo, I'll explain what each picture represents.

The top left is a representation of our first home. Not rented. Bought. Below that is a photo of a duplex -- our first investment property and another small picture of a pretty starter home.

Top right is an elderly couple that look happy and content. Golf and I want to be happy and content in our late years, not worrying about our retirement income and being destitute on the streets. Below that is a picture of Blue Cross health insurance. I want us to be able to purchase decent health insurance this year.

Middle left is Suze Orman! She represents financial education and responsibility. She's a very good person -- I've read her books and she puts people first, then money. Her head is on straight, she approaches money and finances in a moral, humanistic way. I want to remember to approach finances in the same way and her picture helps.

To the left of Suze is a cell phone. We're about the only people on the planet without a cell phone. I'm considering getting a Tracphone because they're the closest deal to what we used in Thailand -- a pay as you go system. No service contracts or BS like that. Use up your minutes then buy more. Very simple.

Below the cell phone is a phrase, "I am Powerful" Needs no explanation.

To the left is a warm, inviting, attractive kitchen. With a gas stove and no effin' cockroaches. My home will have a kitchen like that.

Below Suze is a Million Dollar Bill. I read that when I do a vision board or visualize my goals and dreams, I should dream BIG. So why not? A million dollars it is. :)

Big profits on eBay -- may Discovery Day continue its success and have more and more profits this year. A fist full of money punctuates that wish.

Slanted upward is a phrase "Zero Down, Out-of-State Real Estate Investing". I'm gonna learn how to do that in February. California is so damned expensive.

Lower left: a Toyota. Our own car. It can be a Toyota or a Honda but I want our own car this year. We've been borrowing Mom's for over a year now and I feel like a schmuck for needing it. It needn't be brand new, it should be used, but it will be our own.

Next: "Be a Mortgage Broker" -- if I'm going to invest in real estate to finance our retirement then I should make it a part of my career. I'm in the process of learning what it entails.

Below that is a desktop computer set. We really need an updated one -- ours is so slow, big and clunky. And considering a major portion of our income is from online business, we really need a better computer.

Lastly, a beautiful serene garden. I'm going to have a beautiful garden one day and this picture also reminds me to contemplate nature and beauty so I don't get too caught up in this world I just presented. The garden rounds it out and balances it a little.

Happy New Year!

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Mel said...

Well done Aim! Very nice... :)