Sunday, February 24, 2008

My night with Max

This is Max. Melanie and Daryll took me to see him in Oakland and we all got to see a lecture about this sacred artifact of mysterious origins. Max is an authentic ancient crystal skull, a wonder of the world estimated to be thousands of years old and considered by many, to be one of the rarest artifacts ever found on this planet. Max was discovered in Guatemala and was used by Mayan priests for healing, rituals, and prayers. Nobody knows how it was made because there is no tool marks anywhere on the skull. The crystal is also made up of several pieces fused together, so any vibrational frequency caused by a tool to shape it would cause the crystal to crack or shatter. To read more about the story about Max, please go here.

The caretaker of Max made the point during her lecture that quartz crystal, the kind Max is made of, helps to run clocks, computers and other finely tuned technical machinery. It is a conductor of electricity, amplifying its charges. We know that our bodies hold an electrical charge as well (remember the Matrix, not based on pure fantasy!) so when we hold a quartz crystal like this, our thoughts and energy is amplified. I'm not normally a crystal-holding new agey sort of person, but this makes more scientific sense to me.

The skull, I learned, represents Knowledge, not death, for the skull encases the brain. So if somebody has a crystal skull, they are seeking knowledge and Truth within themselves. Isn't that what most spiritual people pursue anyway?

Melanie was so kind to get the two of us into a private session with the skull to touch it and meditate a little bit with it. The movie "The Red Violin" came to mind when coming into contact with such an ancient object that countless numbers of people have come to touch, expressing their deepest prayers and wishes to it. How many rituals has Max been a part of? How was he made and how long ago? How I wish I could have seen a flashback timeline of his life. That was what was on my mind as I held him in front of me forehead to forehead.

What a really really really awesome experience this was for me. Thank you again, Mellie, for sharing this once in a lifetime event!


Mel said...

You're so welcome Aima! I'm very grateful to have you to share this with Daryll and I. Love ya! and Happy belated Birthday. ;)

Mel said...

haha, thought someone was impersonating me then! That skull is awesome, I think it must be incredibly powerful. I visited Guatemala and Mexico and became very interested in the Mayans..all the ruins and the history are fascinating.

BTW the job WAS at my Embassy! Will let you know when I know ;-)