Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Slim-Fit Tea

In the previous post I mentioned the grocery store we visited. One of the products I've seen countless times has been slimming tea. That day, I thought I'd give it a try and I bought the box above for only $2.99. Here are the instructions that go with it (found on this website)

Product Description
Eight Leaf Brand Imperial Monarch's Favorite Royal Ginseng Dieters Tea. This Slim-Fit tea has been proven an outstanding natural "helper" to reduce weight, reduce bloating, improve metablism, cleanse digestive system, and remove excessive fat deposits from your body.Ingredients: Malva Verticellata, Chinese Ginseng, and other natural oriental herbs.

BEFORE USING THE TEA, NOTE THE FOLLOWING: Its normal for some individuals to experience extra bowl movements after using the tea. This is believed to relate to the cleansing of the body's system and should disappear gradually. First time users should restrict themselves to one tea-bag per day after dinner. Not more than two tea-bags per day should be consumed. Eight Leaves Brand Slim-Fit Tea should be strictly avoided by pregnant and nursing mothers, children, elderly and sick peoples. To comply with FDA requirements we do not make any claims to the efficiency of this product.

DIRECTIONS: For best result, drink the tea during meal or half an hour after meal. Drink Tea as hot as it can be.Bring fresh water to a boil. Pour 5 oz of hot water over (1) tea bag in a cup. Cover the cup with a lid and allow to steam for approximately 5 minutes. Stir and press the tea bag gently with spoon and stir well to fully release fragrance of herb. Do not add sugar or sweetener.First time user: Use 8 oz of hot water instead of 5 oz for 1 tea bag. Soak the tea bag for 2-3 minutes instead of standard 5 minutes. Use this instruction for your first 10 tea bags.

First off, the paper instructions included with the tea did not include the directions to dilute it with 8 oz of water for 2-3 minutes. I used full strength with 5 oz of water. I sure got the bubble guts within an hour of drinking it after dinner. By morning I was making several trips to the toilet (I know you want to know all this!). I didn't mind though, think of it as internal cleansing. Last night same thing with a repeat of bathroom visits this morning. It said that this should gradually dissapate, so I hope they're right. I will keep you updated if it actually helps me lose weight.


Carol and Chris said...

Happy Landings :-D

(Sorry couldn't resist!!)

C x

beauty solution said...

i am drinking this tea and its been 2 weeks. i must say i love it, i am always feeling so bloating and by drinking this tea i fell normal and better. At first i did got o the bathroom a lot for like the first 2 or maybe 3 days then normal. Hope your loving it too.

Anonymous said...

Just started the tea wonder it its anyway success to weightloss with it.