Thursday, February 14, 2008

Redoing my vision board

I'm going to do another vision board. Why? Because, believe it or not, the largest pictures on the one I have now have manifested already!

  • The photo of the beneficiaries of a micro-loan. I gave to a few months ago.
  • A HUGE picture of a Buddha head in a garden. I've been reading up on Buddhism online and a very good book called, "Buddhism without Belief". is a great web resource.
  • Lastly, Oprah! A book I'm reading right now gives detailed instructions on how to study somebody who is extraordinarily successful and how you can take on those traits and make the same sorts of decisions as that person. Part of the exercise is to speed-read biographies about that person, so I have 3 biographies about this powerful and successful woman who I greatly admire.

So what I need to focus deeply on is our finances and success in our careers. Fortunately our family life with our son and our couple time couldn't be better, so the only area in our lives we need to work on is M*O*N*E*Y. Let it floweth into our lives! :)

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