Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Finally Writing It!

I've been quiet over the last few weeks because I've been working in a project I've put on hold for almost a year. I started writing guidebook for people who want to move to Bangkok and I decided to finish it and get it marketed. I'm even narrowing the niche and focusing on women expats.

More and more women are heading to Thailand to live as expats and there are topics that are not covered in other guides and huge topics that don't need to be explained like how to get a Thai girlfriend, for example. I've already got in mind some expansion ideas after this is released!

And it's funny, while doing this creative endeavor, I feel so in my element. I've always been a creative person, but I've put that on the back burner for some time, choosing to focus on more 'practical' considerations. Well, I you know what, I CAN consider creativity now! I enjoy what I'm doing and it doesn't feel like work and best of all, I might be able to make a some money from it.

I will likely partner up with Benjawan Poomsan, author of Thai for Beginners. Another update is that I just finished doing part of the voice talent for the fifth volume of her Speak Like a Thai series which is apparently selling very well. I've done voice talent for volumes 3-5, the fifth not published yet. Benjawan is a great mentor for the world of publishing success for this market.

So I'm putting my sales job on hold until I get this book finished and who knows after that? I like to keep the future open to possibilities.

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Paiboon said...

Thank you, Amy for the nice comment. -Benjawan