Sunday, April 13, 2008

Pictures of Aidan at Fairyland

I took Aidan to a little toddler theme park in Downtown Oakland called Fairyland. It's been around for decades and it looks it, although the park is well maintained. The well-worn rides and fairy tale sets had a certain charm to them when they've been around for so long. The weather was fantastic - we've been going through a bit of a heat wave and it feels really good.

Sawatdee Pii Mai - Happy New Year for my Thailand readers out there. I know you scoff when you hear me speak of a heat wave in the Bay Area - our high temps for the day are a few degrees more than the coolest part of the day for you, just before sunrise. So try and stay comfortable and DRY. I would always load up on food, drinks and DVDs during Songkran. The water throwing got old after the first two years I was there. Anyway, here's my Baby. Gonna be three next month!


Fabletoo said...

Hey Amy,

Sawatdii bpii mai :-) What great news about your book - that's such a good idea. Will keep my fingers crossed that it's successful for you. And thanks for reading my AC articles - every click helps pay my bills :-)

Wow Aidan is HUGE! Can't believe he's that tall and he's sooooo beautiful!

Do hope you get to come in November - would be awesome to see you all.


Carol and Chris said...

OMG You have got one handsome little boy there!! He's gorgeous!!

I did leave a message on your post about coming to Thailand but it seems to have vanished so I don't know if you ever got it!! What I basically said was if you come to the land of smiles it would be fab to meet up with you. (Completely understand if you can't cause I know you will be running around trying to fit everything in but if you can squeeze me in for a coffee it would be nice to finally meet you!!)

C x