Monday, May 23, 2011

Happy Birthday Aidan!

Yesterday was a memorable day for my son, who turned 6 years old. Melanie and Daryll decided to throw him a party at a nearby Chuck E. Cheese and it was a blast. What started out as 5 people turned into 12 as the week went on and plans were made.

Who all came? Aidan, Golf and I,  Mel & Daryll, Caroline, Mom & Dad, Josh, James & Mariko. We got there at noon and Mel had already got us a set of tables with Toy Story napkins, plates and balloons. We got tokens right away and Aidan went off to play while I visited with Mom and Mel. All the men had a great time going back to their boyhood and playing arcade games. :)

Aidan had a chocolate layer cake and TONS of presents! From Mel & Daryll he got a Pirates of the Caribbean poster and Jack Sparrow costume, Mater alarm clock, Toy Story 3 Wii game, and a neat floppy kind of Frisbee.

This morning Aidan woke up to his new clock and he was loving it! He's also got his poster set up right over his bed and it looks fantastic!

Caroline got Aidan a Spirograph, which Aidan absolutely loves. He began using it as soon as we got home and can already make some neat designs.

Mom and Dad got him a set of jammies and some money for his college fund (I have to remember to get that done today!)

Mar, James & Josh got Aidan a Mater's Adventures Wii game and some nori seaweed for rice rolls for his lunches. Yummy! Aidan will probably start playing his new game over the next week. He started his Toy Story game last night, and I'm sure he'll begin his new Mater game too.

Golf and I got Aidan a new Ironman comforter and sheet set, Golf got him a Masked Rider action figure and a Japanese robot he loved as a kid. I got him a 60-piece world map floor puzzle since he loves the big USA puzzle he has.

It was an AWESOME party and one he won't soon forget. What a special day and a big huge THANK YOU to everyone, especially Mellie and Daryll for putting it all together. You're the greatest. :)

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