Saturday, May 14, 2011

Now a Bi-Monthly Contributor!

I've got my first regular writing gig and I'm very excited about it! Tina over at Shopaholic Mommy and I have collaborated together and worked out an arrangement where I will be writing a bi-monthly column about strollers!

The first article I wrote is about your reviews. Consumer reviews have become so important for both future customers and for manufacturers and marketers. It's a first-hand insight to a person's unique experience with the product and it might be similar to what you may go through if you purchase it too.

I want to know what to expect if I plunk down my cash for a product. And in the case of strollers, it can be several hundred dollars!

So in my first column at Shopaholic Mommy, I talk about the stroller manufacturer Baby Jogger. They are one of the most popular companies on the market today and they paid close attention to the customer reviews on sites like Amazon and, where some reviews were less than stellar and quite consistent with the same problems in a few of their stroller models.

Find out what that problem was, which stroller had that problem and what Baby Jogger did about it in my first column: How Your Stroller Reviews Helped Baby Jogger. Leave a comment when you're done! :)

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