Friday, June 23, 2006

Got back from Sac

We just got back from spending a few days with my sister in Sacramento. The weather going inland is over 100F!!! I worried about keeping Aidan hydrated, but he's a tough little guy and did just fine. It was lots of fun -- my sister's got a back yard and we stripped the baby nekkid and let him run in the sprinkler. So cool, refreshing and free! He just loved it. That night we soaked in the jacuzzi and it really felt as if we were on vacation. A very nice change of scenery and routine.

Yesterday morning before it got real hot, Anna and I showed Golf Old Town Sacramento and we went on board the Delta King -- the huge riverboat turned into a hotel. It's got the big circular paddle in the back. Later today if I have time, I'll upload some photos. Old Sac is the original waterfront town that has been restored and is the tourist center, but fun anyway. Golf loved being a tourist again! We got to stop at the state capital building too and look around inside. Golf took a picture of Governer Arnold's office. Aidan loved the rotunda designs and the mosaic tilework of the floor. On the way back to Anna's we stopped for some British pasties for lunch which was a real treat. Took it home just like fast food -- who would choose burgers or tacos when you have pasties to eat?

So now we're back and it's only going to be in the mid 80s here in Alameda. I'm still not 100% well, just sinus problems with a stuffy and my ears need to pop all day long. I'll be so glad when I'm completely well again!


Anonymous said...

I remember you taking me and my now ex- husband to Old Town Sac back in 1989 when we were on the way to Arizona. I still have pics of you and him in front of the Delta King, and pictures of you and me in town. We went to a cool pizza joint, and I got my ears double pierced. Why is it that I can't remember what I did yestarday, but I can remember back to October of 1989?


Amy said...

I still have a pic of us together too from that trip! God, we were what, 19? I remember that day so well -- it was Round Table Pizza. Hardly anything has changed -- the pizza place is still there! River boat is the same too. And I think the jewelry store where you got your ears pierced is still there as well. What is it with our memories that cannot remember the stuff from yesterday?