Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Soccer n Business

The two are both in totally different topics, but I thought I'd combine them in one post.

I have no idea why, but I'm smitten with this World Cup! It's so fun to watch and I feel like I'm a part of the international community when I watch. It's the only field sport I find interesting and I can get into it. When Golf, Aidan and I went to my best friend's house on Sunday, we watched a match on the Spanish station (since the regular broadcast stations weren't airing it -- lame!) and with friends, the fun amplifies many times over. Today is Ghana vs. Brazil. I think it will be Brazil easily. Ghana was the team that beat us last week and kicked us out of the running. Then this afternoon it's Spain vs. France which should be a very good match!

I'm so curious about learning more about football that I put in my Netflix queue a 7-disc series on the history of soccer, plus another series of memorable World Cup moments. I'm NOT a sports fanatic, but this is so fun to me. And I'm even considering taking Aidan to a World Cup, maybe the one in 8 years -- he'll be 9 years old and able to appreciate it more. It's important in our family for him to be worldly and exposed to many cultures. :) And influencing him to pursue soccer would also be a sneaky part of the equation (although he'll be supported in whatever sport he chooses to play).

Lastly, we went to see a business counselor yesterday. This is part of what's called SCORE -- former business owners and executives who volunteer their expertise to help those who wish to begin a small business. Well, the advice he told us was expected: We need to pursue the field of work we are already familiar with for a few more years to save up as much captial as possible.

So for Golf that means trying to get more translation work and his eBay business is starting to take off -- so he'll keep at that. Me, as soon as I find out the results of my CBEST test, that will enable me to pursue ESL teaching and/or substitute teaching. I've still not ruled out a weekend job, but I would like to research more kinds of businesses, which I can do at SCORE's library. There are so many occupations and businesses that one can pursue and these guides tell you exactly how to do it and how much money it requires. I already ran across one that looks very interesting and I plan to research it more in the coming weeks. I may extrapolate on it more as I learn about it as I could chuck it if it doesn't sound doable. But if I keep with it, I'll report more later!

Well -- that's it for now!


alise said...

I am a sports FANATIC: Bull Riding.

amygeekgrl said...

Keep working at your dreams. You will get there someday. :)