Saturday, June 24, 2006

Hope to get a weekend job

I've got one more week to either lose 10 more pounds or break down and buy a pair of new pants. Why? I need to go look for a weekend job at the beginning of July.

I'm going to get a job at a small business to learn the ins and outs of what it's like to run one. In addition to customer service and sales, I want to learn when they put on sales, how they work with contractors, where they get their inventory and how it's ordered. The bookkeeping... things like that. Golf and I are thinking about some sort of home improvement business for ourselves (yeah, and we are friggin renters!) so I'd like to get a job in the same field.

I applied for a home based job weeks ago that looked like it was perfectly suited to my previous experience and I thought I'd be GREAT at this position offered. I was quite confident when I emailed my resume and cover letter. Got the big fat rejection email a few days ago saying my experience was not a match to what they were looking for. What do they want for $15 per hour? A candidate with a PhD??????

This is why I want to own my own business with my husband. I cannot tell you how much I HATE to look for work and deal with the disappointment of not getting anything. We want to be the boss. The biggest obstacle, however, is coming up with capital to fund our business purchase. Right now we're barely making enough money to cover our bills. And that's with Golf doing translation work, eBay work and he also keeps trying out for commercials and modeling (he went to an audition last night). Our eBay business is picking up, though. If I can get a weekend job, then that money can go right into savings but still at that rate, it will take us 20 years before we have enough money (about 20%) to put down on a business. I also plan to work part time during the week if I pass that CBEST test and can get work as an ESL teacher. They make up to nearly $30 per hour, so if I can work 2-3 days during the week for that much, that would be helpful too.

So on Monday we have a meeting with a small business counselor who will hopefully give us a roadmap to our goal. We'll tell him or her exactly where we are and where we want to be and hopefully the counselor can tell us more resources (such as grants maybe?) for funding our down payment on a business.

I can't tell you how tired we are of being in this situation. We're not poor folks. We're educated, middle class people going through a financial difficulty with an extremely strong desire to get out of this predicament. I'll give a report on what our counselor tells us on Monday.

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