Thursday, August 10, 2006

Got a temp job

I signed up with the temp agency I worked with at the time I was in the US before going back to Thailand a few years ago. Since they already had my file on record, I didn't have to retake any typing or software tests. Signing up with this agency dredged up the old feelings of sadness that I had when I was back in the US working for them: I couldn't find a fulfilling job (or ANY job for that matter) after my first stint in Thailand. So I had signed up with this agency to bring in SOME sort of wages. I had worked two or three jobs over the 9 months I was back here in the US and at that time I wasn't planning on returning to Bangkok. But the jobs I had were soulless, meaningless cubicle jobs doing menial work, which is what administrative jobs feel like to me. (Not to offend the admin people out there or the secretaries or clerical folks -- these types of jobs are simply not suited to me!)

I had thought that this was the type of job I was destined for for the rest of my life, after having such an interesting and meaningful job in Thailand. It was devestating to me -- these jobs had no meaning. These are the memories I dredged up when I was updating my special office resume to send to the temp agency.

Well, I had to think that circumstances are different now. There is an end in sight: The beginning of the school year means substitute teaching opportunities. And I'm also helping with our business and of course, Aidan is a job too, and a fulfilling one at that! ;)

So I feel much better about it. I start a week long job on Monday that may possibly go on a little longer and it's a short distance away so I can ride my bike. I did not want a long commute. Aidan's going to have a bit of a shock, though, not having Mommy around all day. But at least he will have his loving Daddy there. Golf will have a newfound appreciation for what Stay at home Moms go through when they have husbands gone all day every day.

Four more days to go before I'm out in the working world again.


alise said...

Working for horrible assholes in cubicles is what spurred me to start teaching. I was making shit for money too. The dude in the cubicle next to me said he was going to start substitute teaching again because it paid more. Working with kids is like a dream come true in comparison with daily demeaning by sons of bitches that don't care about you at all.

Michelle said...

Amy, I know how you feel. I did temp work when I moved to LA for almost a year and it was soul-robbing - I've never been as miserable in my life - and horrible money too!
I've got 5 more weeks teaching and two more weeks after that grading etc. then I'm either finished with teaching or only doing it part-time. I can't wait to leave teaching - it's killing me, and I'm really looking forward to working on the business full-time -the money I make doing that is even more than I make teaching :-)

amygeekgrl said...

i hear ya. i left a temp job once after a day because i just couldn't stand the thought of going back. it was awful. and it seems ppl treat temps differently than they do "regular" employees.
anyway, i'm glad you have a light at the tend of the tunnel.
good luck w/ the job. :)

Darshani said...

Congrats! Well hopefully soon you'll get a paycheck and soon after that you'll be in the classroom. What will it take to be a full time teacher? My friend just got her teaching degree and is starting her first job as a full time teacher this week. :) She has three kids, too. A 1 year old, a 4yo with autism, and a 6 year old.