Tuesday, August 01, 2006

It takes about six months!!!!

I walked into the School District office this afternoon to apply to be a substitute teacher. The woman there who does the hiring told me that the personnel department is so overwhelmingly busy up until after the school year begins that I won't even be able to call to make an appointment with them until the end of this month! Boy, am I not surprised one bit. It will have taken well over six months from the time I signed up for that CBEST test to the time I sub in a classroom and get my first check. And that's if I get substitute work relatively soon after the school year begins. So we must rely on only Golf's income for another two months or so. I feel so helpless in what I can contribute, so I do my absolute best with our eBay business and taking care of the baby. It's SO FRUSTRATING!

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amygeekgrl said...

it sounds like you have done all that you can do to prepare yourself at this point, so hopefully they will be able to get you in the classroom quickly once school gets started. i know the waiting stinks though especially when you want the paycheck NOW. hope it's not too much longer.