Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Nose in books

My blogging has been slow lately because I've been caught up in some very good books lately. They're the first books in months and months and months that I've allowed myself to read for pleasure. I'd had it with reading books on the stock market. Since I have no money in the market and don't plan to until we get EXTRA, then I'm going to enjoy my books again!

Here's what I just finished:
The Anubis Gates -- A time travel book involving ancient Egyptian sorcerers, a body changing werewolf, several ka's or duplicate (cloned) individuals, a woman disguised as a man, and the hero. Got it for 25 cents at a thrift store and it was a great read!!!

Goa Freaks My Hippie Years in India -- A memoir by Cleo Odzer of her time spent on Anjuna Beach in Goa, India. It was one long drug trip and a series of drug smuggling scams. I had mixed feelings on this book. It was a very interesting read because I was more curious than anything about those travelers at that time (the 1970s mostly) who hitched along the famous Hippie Trail from Europe overland into Asia. But what upset me more than anything were the hippies-turned-junkies who had children or babies. Put it this way, such addicted parents are only concerned about their next hit of coke or smack, not the needs of their own offspring that go neglected most the time, I'm sure.

I finished that one last night. And so right away I began Solomon Time, about a British teacher who goes to the Solomon Islands in the South Pacific and all about his adventures there living in a remote island village.

When I'm finished with that book, I'll read Indian Summer, by the same author, who goes to Pune, India to teach orphans in an ashram.

I've got some great reading ahead of me!


alise said...

I too have read several book lately all about rodeo or bull riding. It is a good thing too because I have to start teaching sixth grade full time next month.

amygeekgrl said...

good for you for taking some time to read for pleasure. the books sound really interesting. :)
hope you are enjoying your summer!