Thursday, August 31, 2006

Wrong path?

I called the Personnel Technician at the school district today. She said a month ago that I had to wait til today to even call to talk about being a substitute teacher.
Well, first thing she asked was if I had put my name down on a list.
No, I was never told to do so.
Did I have my substitute teacher's permit?
No, just my letter of acceptance, CBEST results and fingerprint clearance (assuming that was ready). sidebar: The permits take 8-10 months to process. Yes you read that correctly: 8-10 MONTHS!
The Personnel Technician said she would put me on the list, got my name, address and phone number, but told me that those who already had their permit would be given priority.
I guess that all I can do now is wait and see and every month or so I'll check back to see if they may need me. I'm frankly stunned that it would be so complicated to substitute teach -- just about everyone I've talked to said that it's highly in demand and that they've had to turn away work. You know when time after time of trying something seems futile, I wonder if this is even the right path to be on. It's taken over nine months just to get where I am NOW. Unbelieveable.

Well, it's both good news and bad... My time as a temp has actually slowed down our income for the month because Golf needs to be able to put up auction listings, not to mention take the photos, wrap and ship the items shop for more items, and spend quality time with the baby and care for his needs. A person simply cannot do all that because the baby needs his Daddy and he's a priority. So our eBay income has reduced a bit this month since I was working for 3 weeks.

Tomorrow is my last day and I can devote myself to my son again. And that will help Golf get back on the ball and we have strategized more on taking turns caring for the baby while we each work on the auctions. I want to start buying my own things to resell under our brand, so with running the business and caring for Aidan, it's very much a team effort.

Thinking about doing this is exciting to me. While the people I worked with at this job were very nice, I don't really care much about corporate culture. Three weeks is enough of answering phones, filing, mailing, this n that. At least the people working here made it a pleasant experience. I don't know what will come of teaching, but my contact at the temp agency is eager to have me do more work for him if I ever need it so that's consoling. At least I now have the time to put forth even more effort to our home-based business. Doing something FUN!


Mel said...

I think you should send a letter to government officials in CA, and tell them about your experience. That's crap. But go make some "lemonade", girl! :)

amygeekgrl said...

Gah! That's frustrating about the teaching stuff. I hope you don't have to wait that much longer to start subbing, but at least you have a good plan of action for the meantime. I bet it will be nice to be back home w/ Aidan again too. :)