Tuesday, October 17, 2006

My first day subbing

I had a third grade class in a school that's right across the street from the park I take Aidan to often. I had 2o kids, and well, you remember in school when you had a substitute teacher come in. It was time to act bad!

Well, I certainly never got angry, but I tell ya, I have never heard so much drama, so much tattling on one another, aches and pains, bathroom breaks -- I think I heard EVERY excuse today. I haven't been in a class since just after Aidan was born and Thai kids don't have the English capacity to complain to me or reveal their dramas -- and I don't know if their Thai teacher gets the earful, but teaching here is NOT easier like I had presumed.

I do have to remember that these kids are not in their normal routine with me there and they're going to behave much better with their normal teacher. But MAN! What a day.

At least the teacher set out a well organized lesson plan for the day and I was not lacking in things for the students to do. Quite the opposite -- I didn't have time to finish everything!

So this looks like something I could do twice a week or so until I get more used to it, and also depending on how much translation work Golf gets. He's beginning to get more jobs in now and he's also been ill this week, so I'm needed more at home to help with Aidan. I'll see if anything is available on Friday if Golf's better by then.


Mel said...

Good for you Aim! Now that you've had your first class and your perception has been altered by it, hopefully the next will be a little easier all around. :)

amygeekgrl said...

congrats on getting your feet wet. :) subbing is not easy work, but i think third grade is just a hard age to teach anyway. it's nice that the teacher left real lesson plans and not just "pop in a movie" for the kids all day.
so is this going to be a regular thing for you now? are you excited, nervous, other?

Amy said...

Mel - yep, it's always the nervousness of the unexpected that makes the first time the hardest. It's sure to be easier every time I do it.

Amy - Thank you! :) It may be a regular thing, but I'd rather stay at home with Aidan and work on our business. This job is just to pay for groceries and other bills to get by while we get on our feet financially. My time is more lucrative when spent at home, IMO.