Monday, October 02, 2006

Some baby bragging

Aidan has just taken off with his baby signing! He's doing more every day and it's astounding sometimes that he'll make a baby sign he hasn't seen me do for a few days. What he's been doing for a long time already is the milk sign and he does that when he wants milk, juice or water or food. Basically "put something in my belly" sign. And he does the dog sign (panting) for any living creature, even humans sometimes! He can also do the flower sign (hand to nose and sniffing).

His newest signs are for more and hot. These two, and the milk sign are the most important. I need to look up the sign for dangerous. The rest of the signs let him interact with us and to let him share what he's observing since kids get excited about that.

This boy also has discovered the wonderful world of Tinker Toys! Yes, already our budding engineer is fascinated. I have a canister of some Tinker Toys I bought to resell on eBay, so while Golf was cooking dinner last night, I thought why not make something for Aidan to play with (he had tired of spinning the wheels of another toy car -- he loves to turn things upside down and figure out how they work and to spin their wheels).

I made a thing that spins around with the little green plastic flags and he just loved it! I showed him how to hold one side so it didn't tip over and to spin the spinny part in the middle with his other hand. He did it! I was surprised that he could do something that requires two hands like that, but I showed him and he copied.

His grandma also got him a cute red Radio Flyer tricycle that acutally has 4 wheels -- two set wide in the front and two set narrow in the back -- what would you call such a thing? Anyway, Aidan loves it, especially the bell.

Anyway, I'm just so proud and wanted to share with everyone the progress of my baby, who's not such a baby anymore!


Claire said...

Wow, sounds like the baby signing is taking off! Loads of the ladies at my church are getting their infants into it - sounds like Aidan is doing swell!

amygeekgrl said...

what a big boy!
the signing is so fun. once they start picking them up like that, they are like a sponge. he'll catch on very fast to any new ones you offer up and will probably love to learn them! :)