Monday, October 09, 2006

A weird occurance -- cellular memory?

Last week I had something weird happen. All day one day I had muscular twiches and twinges in my belly, like when you get a twitch in your thigh or arm, you know?

Well, I just happened to look back on my blog to see what I was doing that week two years ago, for the heck of it, no other reason. It was that week that I had found out I was pregnant with Aidan! I told my mother and she asked me, are you sure you aren't pregnant? I said YES - I mean we use protection and all, so I had no reason to believe it had failed. And today I found out I'm certainly not pregnant. But the twitching lasted only a day.

Is this a sort of bodily cellular memory of my pregnancy? Kind of weird. Another weird thing that happened is that I got my period back exactly to the day 9 months after Aidan was born -- February 22, 2006. To the day! Anybody ever go through this too or know anything about what I believe to be a sort of cellular memory? It's almost freaky.

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Mel said...

I don't know about the period thing, but I certainly have experienced the wonder that is muscle memory. It is odd that this seemed to also have a chronological memory. ;)