Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Daddy's little boy

Aidan has really taken to his daddy the last week and a half or so. A big part of that is because Golf is a bit of a kid himself, so he LOOOVES to play with Aidan. They play all sorts of physical games together and Golf is much more animated than I am in his facial expressions, words and actions. I'm a lot more mellow - and Golf is opposite - he's very high energy.

Golf's also recruited his son in his love for Ultraman, especially the new Mobius. If you're unfamiliar with Ultraman (and my readers in Thailand certainly ARE familiar) Ultraman is a Japanese superhero. Golf grew up with the show and LOVES, to this day, Ultraman. He brought over many Thai dubbed older versions of the show and watches them with Aidan and Aidan loves it. Aidan has a couple of Japanese super hero tee-shirts from Ultraman, Masked Rider and Gundam. He got them before Aidan was born and that baby's just now beginning to fit them - talk about planning ahead! It's kind of cool that Aidan's the only kid on the playground with a cool Japanese superhero tee shirt on - I've always loved things that are not mass market normal, and it the USA, Ultraman is unique. Go to Thailand, he's everywhere!

So what I'm good at is reading books to Aidan and going on walks and taking him to the park, but it still doesn't feel very good when Aidan throws a tantrum when Daddy leaves the room and he's left with Mommy to entertain him. I know it's a phase and if anything Golf's getting back some good feelings he lost when Aidan was very small and ONLY wanted me and screamed and cried when Golf went anywhere near him. That was tough for Golf, so now I'm glad that this bond is growing very strong. I do love my guys.


Carol and Chris said...

If you ever want me to see if I can get hold of some Ultraman, Masked Rider or Gundam stuff just give me a shout. I've got a blog e-mail address which is onlyinthailand@hotmail.co.uk
- I'm happy to get some stuff and send it to you :-)

I really enjoy reading your blog - keep up the good work.

Carol x

Amy said...

Thank you, Carol! Golf got shirts to last this boy til he's five years old, though. Hopefully we'll make another trip to BKK before then. Very nice of your offer!