Friday, May 04, 2007

Another exam finished!

I completed my Real Estate Economics final exam yesterday and passed it! When I started that text, I was dreading it, thinking it was going to be excruciatingly boring, but in fact it was quite the opposite! Sometimes I couldn't wait to pick it up to continue my reading. I'm very pleased to know that a profession I've chosen to pursue is interesting to me, for it's a sign that I'm sure to do well. How I wish I was interested in business and economics 10 years ago, my career choices would be very different and if you had told me even 5 years ago that I'd find economics interesting, I'd have laughed! Funny how people change...

Now I've begun the law course and I've approached it with even more dread, but I want to get it done and who knows, I hope to be surprised with this text as well. I've scheduled myself to finish the day before Aidan's birthday on the 22nd.

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Anonymous said...

HooRay! Oustanding! We are all "Rooting for the Home Team."