Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Toddler classes are EXPENSIVE!

Just talked to a new friend of mine who has a two year old girl. She's going to take her daughter to this tumbling class (toddler gymnastics). The drop in price for a 45 minute class is $15!!!!! If you buy a monthly pass, the cost works out to $11.25. Holy Moley, that's as much as full-priced yoga and you get at least an hour or hour and a half for the yoga. When my new friend asked if I wanted to join her, I said that Aidan already gets plenty of gymnastics experience at the park's playground (in a joking and nice way, so as not to offend).

We never had all these specialty classes for toddlers when I was little. Of course my family lived out in the country and I had plenty to occupy myself. I can't help but think that with every day so new and exciting for a toddler, they will learn and grow just fine without expensive classes. I don't believe they're necessary and while I certainly don't think the classes harm the child, I simply think that it's a sign of hyper-parenting.


amygeekgrl said...

yes. totally expensive. it's crazy really.
i don't think they are necessary, but once in a while can be something fun and different to do.
i have a friend who did just about every class imaginable with her child. is she so much smarter, better off or well-rounded than my kid because of it? meh, i don't think so. but they enjoyed the classes, so that's what really matters.

Amy said...

Yeah, once in a while to make it a special occasion is fun! :) Toddlers aren't going to remember at that young age anyway, but they WILL remember the caring love of being with their parent(s). I would rather befriend a mom who was a classic obsessive parent than a neglectful mom.

Carol and Chris said...

Your toddler will have as much fun playing in the park with you as he would going to a class with you. It doesn't matter what you do as long as you spend time with him - It's madness to pay that amount of money!!

C x