Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Trying New Food

Thai people eat all the time, it seems. My Thai colleagues bring in a picnic to the teacher's lounge everyday around 3 PM, practically a whole meal. It's not fair that they can eat so much so often and remain thin. Not fair, NOT FAIR!!

Anyway, they brought in something new to try. I like trying new food, even if it seems disgusting. I was inspired when I read Anthony Bourdain's book 'A Cook's Tour'. Bourdain takes it upon himself to try anything and everything that others eat. The Thai teachers brought in a bag of deep fried frog skin. It tasted almost like pork rinds, but had a bit of an off aftertaste, so I had only one piece and that was enough.

Golf and I were supposed to meet an acquaintance last night downtown. It's a pain to get anywhere after work in a major city during the week because of gridlock traffic and rain and it made me tired just thinking about it. But we went and he didn't show up. Whatever. The ride there wasn't too horrible, but it does take an hour to get there.

Anyway, so we went to Asia Books after waiting and I bought a magazine, Redbook. I am officially in my mid-30s and married, trying to become a Mom. I guess that means that my Glamour magazines will be falling by the wayside for magazines like Oprah's 'O Magazine' and 'Redbook'. Well, I am embracing this new phase of my life and it feels great!

Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Monday Madness a day late

From reading others' blogs I found these questions for bloggers every Monday, called Monday Madness. Since I'm a day ahead of the US, I'll post mine on Tuesdays!

Here's the latest:

1. Bed & Breakfast or hotel? Neither, I prefer a guesthouse, especially if I am travelling in a foreign country. I've never been in a Bed and Breakfast before and if I am in the States, I usually stay in a motel.

2. What determines where you stay?(i.e. price, accommodations, transportation, travel package) Location, price and if it was recommended, either by a guidebook or by other travellers.

3. When determining where to stay, do you ever consider the establishment's history? (i.e. it might be haunted, location of high profile crime) This usually factors into the recommendations from other travellers. If a place has a reputation, good or bad, people will talk about it.

4. Would such considerations sway your decision? Of course! I'm not going to stay in a filthy, noisy guesthouse in a bad part of town!

5. Do you try and read the local paper for where you're visiting, to get an idea of what the area's like? Depends if it is in English or not! If there is a local English newspaper I'll pick up a copy now and then. I'm a regular reader of the Bangkok Post and when I was in Nepal, I read the Kathmandu newspaper.

Monday, June 28, 2004


Yesterday I got a bout of homesickness. Thank god for Golf being there with me while I bitched and complained. It all started when I bought a magazine from an old magazine/book shop that sells outdated materials that didn't sell in stores. It was a SELF magazine, four years old, but with some good articles on fitness. I also got a little homesick surfing online earlier too.

We were standing in line at Tops, the grocery store, in the 8 items or less aisle and the woman two people ahead of us had a whole cart full of groceries. She was dressed nicely though and the cashier said nothing. In the States, she'd be told that this is an express line, please go to another line -- wouldn't matter if you are wearing Gucci or not. Here, if you look wealthy, your butt gets kissed day after day of the week and you are an exception to the rules. Thais have rank and social order and while we do too to a degree in the States, we still treat everyone as equals in everyday situations. It made me sick. I like how we show RESPECT for those who have much by the achievements they have made. We don't bow before them and grovel before them. This is the Asian way and I don't like it at all. This is what made me homesick yesterday...


Sunday, June 27, 2004

Make that a whole weekend of do nothing!

It's SOOO nice to be a bit lazy. Just this morning I finished The Stand, by Stephen King. It was really good, and it's one of his older books, published in the mid-80s, I think. The next book on my list is called "The God of Small Things" by Arundhati Roy. I've never heard of her before, but I went to the Amazon website and she got all good reviews. We shall see.

Yesterday Golf and I had our Thai massages. I can't complain since we each got a two hour massage for 300 baht, which equals a little over $7 each person. But the room had a television, and it went on. Soft music would have been better. Then Golf's masseuse got several phone calls on her mobile, which really irritated me -- it was highly unprofessional. At least she offered to make up for the lost time (about 10 minutes) to him, but he said nevermind, just give some extra attention to his bad back. Sometimes the massage was painful and as I was wincing under the pain, I thought that a good massage isn't without a little discomfort. I did feel like jelly afterward!

Today Golf and I will try and get to the fitness center. I haven't been there on a weekend yet. I was too tired after the massage yesterday to go, but hey, during the weekdays we go on a regular basis, so I don't feel too badly.

I'm now an active poster on's Trying to Conceive web board! It feels great to start this new phase in my life! Now the rest is up to The Higher Powers That Be.

UGH. Work tomorrow.

Saturday, June 26, 2004

A Day of Do Nothing

Seems like every weekend Golf and I have somewhere to go, whether it's shopping, meeting up with friends or seeing a movie. (Life is so tough, ain't it?!) Well this is the first weekend day we've had that we've got nothing planned! It's so wonderful! We're spending a good chunk of time here at the internet cafe, then we will go get some lunch and later this afternoon go get a Thai style massage. MMMMM!!!

I do hope that movie theatres here in Bangkok release Michael Moore's new movie, "Farenheit 9/11". Golf got his last movie on DVD and it was real good, and judging by the reviews, his new one is supposedly even more provocative. I look forward to seeing it!

Friday, June 25, 2004

TGI Friday!

On Fridays, I am finished teaching by noon and I have the rest of the afternoon to prepare lessons for Monday, or surf the internet and listen to my favorite radio station with streaming audio.

I've never been much of a writer, but this new blogging thing might be a good way to get into the habit and record my thoughts and feelings. Especially now because Golf and I are going to start trying for a baby and I'm really excited about it!

Yesterday we bought some Centrum vitamins for both of us to start taking AND I am slowing down on my smoking -- 2 1/2 on Wednesday and 2 yesterday. I hope to have only 2 today and that many only over the weekend too. I want us to be healthier when TTC.

This weekend we are supposed to go get Thai massages. Mmmm that will feel great!

My First Posting

This is a test, not really meant to read. I shall publish my thoughts at a later time.