Saturday, March 11, 2006

Catching up and the work dilemma

I haven't been blogging much because some of the things going on are not things meant to be shared in a public forum. I'm sure you all get situations like that, and it rules your life for a few weeks, then mellows out a bit and life goes back to normal.

I will get into a little bit of it: the back to work dilemma.

The pros are that the two branches I can focus on are in self employment and I would make my own hours and be able to still mother Aidan properly. And since Golf is self employed, he can also be flexible with his hours and Aidan would never need a non-parental caregiver, which is very important to me. Nobody will make sure he's properly taken care of better than family.

The first option is to become a real estate appraiser. The study option I've chosen is an online course I can take from home and it will take several months. I would then find a mentor (an appraiser in the field with enough experience and a willingness to train me). On a part time basis with a 2000 hour requirement, it would take me at least two years to finish my apprenticeship and earn 100% on the jobs. As a trainee I'd get 50% or maybe even 40%.

The housing bubble is a concern for me. I don't want to go through all this training and then find out there are no jobs out there, with a glut of fellow appraisers out there fighting for the ones that are out there. On the other hand, I've heard that in the Bay Area, a bubble and slowdown in the market is less likely than in other parts of the state or country. It's a gamble.

The next option is to try starting a small business and sell on Ebay. I've already got some used CDs up for sale to try it out, and Golf has some Thai handicrafts he attempted to sell a few years ago that I plan to photograph and put on Ebay. I have an idea for a product line, but I have to learn how to make it -- it envolves sewing and my mother has lent me her sewing machine. But I don't know how to use it! So I'd have to practice to get any good because, of course, I want the product I'm selling to be quality work.

I could also expand from there, as there are books all about how to find wholesaler sources and buy and sell on Ebay and make a decent living.

Neither option is a guarantee of success, but then again, no job or career is. Especially when self employed. But I have to do something, and I'm trying Ebay first since I won't have to leave Aidan alone before he's weaned. You never know, I might get lucky!


Darshani said...

Amy, are you at all interested in the health field? There are tons of jobs in the health field. You can take those job training classes at a technical school and be a dental assistant or xray tech. That's one reason that in the back of my head I'd love to be able to go to nursing school some day. I would never have to worry about finding a job and could even set my own hours.

amygeekgrl said...

The ebay business intrigues me. I know a handful of ppl who buy/sell things on ebay and make a good amount of money that way. I think it's a great option for a SAHM. Is your mom around right now to give you some lessons on the sewing machine?
Good luck figuring it all out. I know it's not easy.