Thursday, March 16, 2006

Getting on the ball

OK, so yesterday I finished my resume and converted it into a PDF file, and my writing sample is finished. Golf had found an ad on Craigslist for an antique store owner needing someone to write descriptions for their inventory they are putting online, so I applied for the job and I also posted my services in the small business section. Hopefully I will get a bite! My youngest sister had been pretty successful doing webpage design from her home and had some steady business by just word of mouth, so hopefully within a year I will also have a steady stream of business.

I'm also going to get on the ball and learn how to sew a simple pillow for this Ebay business idea I have while I wait for my Ebay book to arrive. Mom's loaning me her sewing machine, so today I must look on the internet on how to make your own pillow. I'm really going to give this a try.

Golf yesterday also went to see David Bach in San Francisco. He's the author of the Automatic Millionaire series. He was giving a talk promoting his new book The Automatic Millionaire Homeowner and the book is very encouraging (I read about half of it last night) because there are so many first time homebuyer programs out there to help you get into a house. Even the cable guy who came to our apartment on Wednesday told us he owned two homes right here in Alameda. He told us that Alameda offers a downpayment assistance program. I never even knew! Now if the cable guy can do it, so can we!!!

So Golf and I are extremely motivated to get our income UP Up UP and keep saving so that within two years we will be able to afford a morgage payment. Because we won't have a problem saving, it's the monthly payment that may be a struggle. We're gonna do this, though, come hell or high water!!!!

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