Friday, March 03, 2006

Discussion forums

I came across a web board forum for real estate appraisers yesterday and what I read greatly discouraged me: The competition is fierce, you have to find a mentor when you are a trainee and they're hard to come by, we may be obsolete by using automation programs such as, and it's one tough road to hoe.

I didn't know what to think after reading that stuff. But Golf and I had a talk and he made the point that no job in the beginning is easy. And he's right, it takes years of hard work to make a career profitable. The only exception was when I got my teaching certificate to teach English abroad. I got the certification and schools were anxious to hire me. After a few years of experience, I got a cush job at a very good bilingual school making very good money for that profession. My first few years paid much lower, though.

Next, I have to think that these people posting on this web board might be big whiners. I know that if I had found (for English teachers in Thailand) before taking my certification class, I would have likely been scared off from even taking the course -- you'd think that all schools in Thailand sucked and treated their teachers horribly with very low pay. Well, in many cases that's true, but also many teachers in Thailand are just plain whiners and do nothing but complain, and they also complain on the web forum. I have to think that the same situation applies for the appraisal web forum.

A positive attitude can take you a long way and free you of many of the obstacles that would otherwise come up. I'm not ready to give up before even getting started. :)

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