Saturday, March 18, 2006

Oh the humorous irony!

We had signed up Aidan with this modeling agency so that if he were to do any commercials or printed advertisements, he would get some money for his college fund. Ya know, put the baby to work now! LOL! Well, our agent might be waiting for Aidan's work permit to come in, so there haven't been any calls yet for hime.

However, in the same time frame, Aidan's agent has called twice for Golf! Some clients were looking specifically for Asian men, and well, my husband is a handsome man! :) So he went to his first audition in San Francisco yesterday and while he's not so confident about it since he didn't know what to expect, he said he should do much better at the second one he has this coming Monday. If there is this great of a demand for Golf, then we might get him a portfolio put together. It's a great way to make some quick, easy money.

Who knows, I might be the wife and mother of two actors and models! LOL!


Jyotsna said...


That is hilarious about Golf getting the modeling job! I hope Aiden's feelings won't be hurt! LOL

As for the house payment, yes, that is the struggle! And for that cable man, who owns two houses, I guess that is why he is the cable guy! He needs extra income to afford it! The upside is that I bet he gets free cable. The down side is, working two jobs, how will he have time to enjoy???

I know you want a house, and I wish you the best in your exciting journey towards home ownership.


amygeekgrl said...

that's awesome! put those boys to work, i say. ;) hope golf's 2nd audition goes well.

alise said...

I had a student whose sister was struggling to get into ws her passion. He was just the poor kid brother who got stuck going along for her auditions. He was such a charismatic and handsome kid that he fell into a great career. He was really cute not wanting any of his classmates to know he was on ER. Golf does have a marketable look so it wouldn't surprise me if he ended up sucessfully modeling and/or acting.